Introducing: Thursday is for Sewing

 As a way of really getting into my Kite Project (to sew three dresses, two skirts and a t-shirt) I thought I'd get into the habit of sewing by making Thursday my sewing day! Once I've finished college it'll be my day to really get to grips with sewing, whether it is taking in a t-shirt so it fits better or sewing a skirt from scratch :) 

Today I used Cotton & Curl's DIY on how to shorten a shirt without cutting or hemming to fix up this baggy long shirt of mine that I bought ages ago and refused to wear because it was so tent-like! It took me a lot longer than it looked like it would, and I didn't even have a button to put on it so I just sewed it entirely (I figured that I wouldn't ever wear it undone anyway!) but it really got me excited about sewing.

I thought I'd make a random button for Thursday is for Sewing just to make sure that I really do make it into a regular, weekly event! Don't you just love the writing! It reminded me of The Great Gatsby :)

Say :)

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Lauren said...

Oh how fun! I love sewing...I can't wait to see what you make:-)