Copycat Friday #9

Dress: Forever 21/Cardigan: New Look/Shoes (unseen): Primark

For this month's copycat Friday, I thought I'd find inspiration in my all time favourite singer; Taylor Swift! Some people think she's cheesy or just plain boring, but I think she is awesome and I love her songs :) Also, she has great style! So this is the outfit that I am copying today:


I would love to participate in the "A Blaze" series link up, but I have a long post about relationships lined up for tomorrow, so I didn't want to bombard you with too much writing! But seriously, check out the great posts on seeking God when your single, dating, breaking up and marriage!

Say :)

ps. Thank you so much to all my new followers! Glad you liked my blog and I hope you'll stick around and I can get to know you too :)

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Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Hey Say! You are looking cute as always! I'm loving your hair these days : ) Also, I ADORE TAYLOR SWIFT!!! I am so happy that you copied her look! I just fixed that display settings for the copycat links so yours is now showing. Thanks for letting me know!

Faith - Sweetened Style said...

So cute! I love that dress and the lighting in your pictures is lovely! :-)

Lauren said...

I love your dress! It's adorable:)

Marie Danielle said...

I like Taylor Swift too. Hey, sometimes cheesy is a good thing. :-) I love your copycat outfit, that dress of yours is really darling!

Katie said...

very cute outfit!! love the outdoor pics too!

Rhianna Nelson said...

I love your outfit posts! It's so lovely to see people smiling when they're blogging about all things clothes-related!

Thanks for sending luck my way by the way, I got the job!! Mum says it's because when they sent me a letter to ask if I was still interested, and I told her it was probably a rejection, she prayed that I'd be wrong :P

Hope you had a great weekend! :) Rhi xx

The Wildest of Dreams

Stella said...

I love that dress and that cardigan!!! Loving the pics ;)