God save the Queen (and not the Sex Pistols song!)

England isn't a massively patriotic country, and although I realise how lucky I am to be born in a country where I have the opportunity to do or be anything that I want, I am not really bothered about being English. I mean, I love the hills, the countryside and the NHS (even though everyone complains about it!) but I don't really consider being English as a massive part of my identity.

But today was pretty awesome. I love the Queen, I think she is adorable and that she was so stunningly beautiful when she was younger. I think that she does a great job :) And as we celebrated in the Church hall (as usual, it was raining!) it actually felt like a community.

So for today I was glad to be British.

But I was happy for another reason; this picture. A while back I had this really stupid dream about my dad being run over and it was horrible, and when I woke up, I swore down that I would hug my dad when I next saw him. But I didn't. It's not really something either of us are used to, and I kind of thought he would be freaked out. And then today when me and Annie were setting up and messing around with my camera lenses, we posed for this photo. And I love it. I'm not really sure why it meant so much to me, but it really did. We are both smiling and he has his arm around me and I guess it was just nice to know that he is actually there for me.

See y'all around,

Say x

ps. If I don't post for ages, be worried, I've probably died. I got bitten last night and it swelled up like crazy and now my calf is completely consumed by bug bite. Jus' letting you know!

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head + heels said...

haha, this looks like a really great bash. unfortunately we don't have a queen in austria, so we have to skip parties like this one. too bad.

head + heels