I am feeling kind of proud of myself for two reasons. And not in a selfish, seven deadly sins kind of way. Particularly as I know that one of the things is very clearly not me, but God instead.

1. I bought this skirt at forever 21 yesterday and it was reduced because there stitching had come undone (yes I am one of those people who buys the damaged because they are cheaper!). Normally I never get round to fixing them so I would have been better off either paying full price or not buying them at all. But this morning I sat down and actually fixed it so I could wear it today! It took all of three minutes and now I have an awesome pencil skirt that cost me £3.49! :)

2. I am really happy with how my interview went yesterday. I was so, so nervous, but it was all right. I felt confident talking to him about various different 'times when I have learnt something new/had a different working style/shown integrity/did something I was proud of' and definitely thought that I came across well. So even if I don't get the job, I won't be kicking myself about how the interview went. I really, really want it, but also as I was praying about it, I really just felt a calm come over me and I just knew that even if I don't get it, I should be crazy excited because God has something even more amazing waiting for me. And seeing as this job was so good, it will be something awesome. So I am not so worried. Also, it was really nice because I knew that so many people were praying for me, even a lovely old woman who I speak to at church phoned me up the day before to tell me that she would be thinking of me as I was in my interview. It made me so much more confident and happy about it.

And now all I have to do is wait. I find out Monday, wish me luck.

Say :)

ps. I have a new button if anyone has my old one :)


Elisha(: said...

Good for you!! I bet your interview was the bomb!!! ;) and gah. So jealous of your skirt!!! Forever21 is MY store. <3

Canntttt wait for my tee!! When should I expect it?? Email me and let me know? :)


Rhianna Nelson said...

Good luck with the job!!
And good work fixing the skirt! :P I do that as well, but I never fix anything. The ripped jeans I bought two weeks ago and had such big plans for are still just ripped jeans haha. One day I'll get round to it!! Rhi xx

The Wildest of Dreams

Faith - Sweetened Style said...

I'm definitely one of those people that buys damaged items too! No shame, you just got a super cheap skirt! :-)
Glad to hear your interview went well, I'll be praying for you!

Marie Danielle said...

Good luck on the job!! :-) And I love your outfit, that skirt is adorable. I love buying damaged goods too. Cheaper and so awesome. :-)

Ashley said...

You are adorable. It's great to feel happy for your accomplishments!

I definitely could never fix a skirt or anything for that matter, so I'm super impressed.

KY said...

Just stop by and say that I love the skirt from Forever21! I haven't seen them in Japan yet though, and I sometimes buy the undone pieces too since they're cheap! Hope you come visit my blog too! Let's follow? Thank you so much!

Little K.

Rae Marie said...

You are so STINKIN adorable! And I'm so loving this outfit :) And your heart in this post <3 Praying... :)