Hey :)
I realised from my stats that I have some Russian viewers so:
"вы для читать мой блог"
I have no idea if that is an accurate translation of 'thankyou for reading my blog' but it was worth a try. Babelfish can only get you so far.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you my new found obsession with shoes. Most women have this desire for shoes embedded deep within them from a young age, but I didn't. I was a bit of a tomboy to tell you the truth. But I thought I'd share with you today my growing shoe collection, just randomly :P

It may not look like many to you, I don't know how many pairs of shoes you own, but I have ten pairs, excluding flip flops, pumps etc. However, 7 of them were purchased in the last 6 months which shows a massive increase in my spending. I am currently trying to thrift a nice pair of leather boots, but the sizes are always wrong :( 

 So... that's it for today! Just some slightly artistic pictures of my shoes. But I thought I would also share a (really bad quality) picture of Oliver's cat, Squeak, and me today- just because he is adorable and this blog post has been boring :P

до свидания

Say :)

(That means bye)

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