The End of the Road for Gale and Emily

Today I completed NaNoWriMo for the second time. I wrote 50,272 words this month. I decided to forgo sleep, work and relationships to write this novel.

BUT whilst I should be like this:

I am actually kind of like this:

"Why?" You may ask (or you may not). The reason is this: I am not especially happy with the novel that I have written and I doubt that I will ever finish it. Last year it was such a joyful, momentous occasion- I was ready to show the world my amazing book! This year, however, I kind of don't want anyone to see it. I disliked large sections of my writing but knew that I hadn't got the time to go back and rewrite it.

"Am I glad I did it?" You may also ask. The answer to that is most definitely "YES!". Although the end product requires a lot of work and isn't a completed, perfect novel; no one writes a complete perfect novel the first time round. Through NaNoWriMo I have learnt that I can persevere, that I can write long pieces of fiction, that I can develop my ideas and that I shouldn't give up. I just ended on a bad note which was really annoying because I'm not going to do it next year :( I'm afraid university comes first.

If one day I revisit 'Island Angel', my novel this year, and redraft it and work on it; I will put a downloadable copy on my blog. But until then, it's bye to NaNoWriMo and bye to Gale and Emily. It's been nice knowing you.


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