Last Friday Night :)

So, today it was my friend Trudy's house party. Now, I don't normally go to house parties, or indeed parties of any kind because I don't really drink and I am kind of antisocial. But I made an exception for this one. I was gutted that Oliver couldn't come because I actually had to speak with other people, but it was really good in the end. I enjoyed speaking to the few people I spoke to, and never felt awkward or out of place, despite remaining completely sober all night. I brought Oliver's 550D to the party to take some pictures for this blog- and it was a good conversation starter!- but it meant that I couldn't get as good pictures because everyone kind of knew I was taking pictures and most people posed or pulled a face for them! But here they are, badly manually focused with low light levels. Enjoy!

This one is of me and Trudy, taken by a photography student I so happened to be talking to at the time :) She did a pretty good job, seeing as she told me she couldn't use manual focus!

So they are the 'nice' if slightly out of focus ones. Then you have the drunken dancing shots.

My favourite shot is this one, though, by far:

I took it from upstairs in her ginormous house, a converted old people's home and I love it. It was such a good party, thanks Trudy!

See ya,

Say :)

Ps. If anyone of these pictures are of you and you don't wish them to be on my blog or the internet or whatever, just comment and I'll take it off for you :)

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