Don't try and ride a bike in cowboy boots :P

Today I had a lovely day of nothing :) So I spent some quality time with myself and cycled into our little village, pottering around charity shops, material shops and craft shops.

I managed to find a plain black work skirt for a pound and I bought a whole bunch of Christmas craft bits and pieces- I always make my friends personalised Christmas cards.

Then I grabbed a tin of Heinz (obviously) tomato soup and a crusty roll from Co-op which I proceeded to cook and eat at home, watching 'The Secret Circle'- a slight obsession!

So all in all, a pretty good day. Sorry for the lack of decent quality pictures! At the moment I am having to take pictures on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S II :D :P) and not Oliver's DSLR. Order will soon be restored, don't worry :)


Say :)

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