Today I had work and NaNoWriMo (obv.) so I didn't really have much time with Oliver. We were supposed to go to guitar village and thrash out some chords on ridiculously inaffordable guitars, but I got home later (I spent too much time in charity shops- I never realised they open on Sundays! Most semi-exciting moment of my life.) than I should have so we couldn't go. Instead we sat in the miserable grey darkness of my room and played on Battlefield 3 like total geeks. It was still fun though :) Occasionally I like to play it with Oliver, in fact I like it a lot more than I pretend to, I'm just so darn bad at it that I have to pretend I hate it. My kill to death ration sucks! Right, now I sound like a dork. :P

After church Oliver came round mine to pick up the ps3 and we decided to do sparklers really quickly so that I could get back to my writing etc. (which is now over 10,000 words!) and here are some pictures. I'll probably do a post on my charity shop purchases later- a dress and a skirt for £7 :)

Oh and I thought I'd edit some of the formatting next time- bigger pictures and writing- but it's just to try it out :)

Happy November,


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