Trip to somewhere anonymous/ Review of "In Time"

As we had a free day today, Oliver and I decided to travel to somewhere secret on the train, go shopping and watch a film. Luckily we both have money at the moment, as I got paid last week and Oliver always seems to have money, which always makes going out more fun. I wish it wasn't that way, that we weren't totally dependent on the socially constructed idea of money, but it's true :P

I got a whole bunch of basic tops from Primark like these two:

And Oliver very kindly bought me this dress from Republic because he is the most amazing (if slightly ill and grumpy at the moment) boyfriend in the world :)

We went to see 'In Time' which was actually really good. The concept, the acting, the setting, the cinematography. All pretty awesome. The idea of it is that the currency of the world is time, so the poor have to use their time for things like bills and food and generally die really young, whilst the rich have all the time in the world. It showed how the divide between rich and poor varies but just that in real life, if you run out of money, you don't die, you just end up in debt. I thought Justin Timberlake played the lead really well- he is a much better actor than musician in my opinion! And it was nice to see Amanda Seyfried in the role of a spoilt brat, she performed beautifully, and it was interesting to watch her play someone who wasn't just sweet and naive and good all the time. And she was right, as she said in the film, they made a really cute couple. There were some really heart-wrenching moments in the 'slum' area and I did cry in a variety of places. I never fell to pieces, though, which was good.

Overall I would give it a 9.5/10. A really good, thought-provoking film that remained with me long after we left the cinema. A great way to spend an afternoon. Though, as Oliver said, it might not be quite so enchanting on a small screen, a bit like 'Children of Men'.

In terms of my NaNoWriMo, I have now reached 15,000 words! With help from energy drinks!

They taste foul but definitely do the job! Nom nom nom caffeine :P

Ta ta for now,

Say :)

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