Photoshoot with Lena :)

As it is November and steadily getting darker and more miserable, we thought that we would go out and do one of the last, bright, outdoor photoshoots of this year. As it so happened, the brightness we found at first slowly dimmed and it ended up raining. Oh well, we had fun :) This one is much less serious, just laughing and smiling and messing around. I don't get to see Lena as much as I used to now that she works full time and I study, so it was really good to see her. And I suppose we have to drag Oliver along to take the photos :P Joking, I am very grateful :)

I got my check shirt from Peacocks today (paid for by the lovely Oliver) but the smallest size they had was size 12 so it's a bit baggy lol but I loved the autumnal colours :)

Oh and Lena made her scarf. Pretty amazing, right? Maybe you guys make scarves, but I can't so I think it's amazing.


Say :)

Ps. I am on 35,000 words!

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