NaNoWriMo steals your soul, but you love it

So it is currently 2.27am and I still haven't quite finished yesterday's word quota, nearly, just 120ish words to go. I think my body clock is slowly but surely adjusting to these late night writing sessions, so far I have finished at 4.15am, 1.30am (yay!), 2.55am and will probably finish writing today at around 2.45am. It would be fine if I could sleep in in the mornings, but unfortunately writing a random 50000 word novella in my spare time is not a good enough excuse to miss morning lessons :( As I write this blog post and should probably writing my story, Oliver is lying, sprawled on my bed asleep:

N'aww :) He fell asleep during the film we were watching and I didn't have the heart to kick him out of my house, so I left him sleep whilst I soldier on with my NaNo project.

I am reasonably happy with where I am going on my novel, I had a lot more pressure for it to be good this year because I have planned the story out for a long time and know how I want it to go. So far I haven't gone on random tangents, though I did add a slightly random side-story about a boy with a polaroid camera :/ lets see how that one plays out. So I'd better get back to writing,

A tired but persevering,

Say :)

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